Bat in Hat – Tattoo studio

Bat in Hat – Tattoo studio

Diverse masters work in the studio, mastering different techniques: here there is realism, and dotwork, and graphics, and ornament, and minimalism, etc. Their fantasies will ensure the creation of unique compositions on your body. They will beat any of your ideas or offer their own, which you like.

Seven amazing Tattoo artists with unique styles and creative talent.


In the distant 2000s, my desire to connect life with creativity and tattoo in particular was just beginning to form. Until the two thousandth I was obsessed with the dream of becoming a mermaid and did not think about any artist’s path. Actually, I never really believed that this would work, because skepticism surrounded me from all sides.

None of my entourage took seriously the fact that you can be an artist and still not slip to the sidelines of life. I will not hide – probably somewhere in the depths I agreed with this logic. An evil or a good joke was played by the fact that it was very easy to break me down, and I perceived each of these inadvertently thrown phrases in the spirit of “nothing will work for you” as a challenge. But the paradox was that I myself did not really believe in a positive outcome. I just wanted to check if it really would not work, and after that I would suffer about unfulfillment with a clear conscience


Once I was doing a census of my grandfather’s paintings. Don’t think he was not a collector like Nély Jacquemart and Edouard André. He was an artist, painter. 

And for me, a freshman, it was extremely painful to see how a good part of his works languished in the basements and warehouses of galleries, from where I could not get them out. So what exactly is a tattoo for me? – This is a painting that breathes, lives, walks, travels, flaunts at conventions, God forbid, sunbathes, sometimes repainted to please again. 

Once I asked my friend, a tattoo artist, when I was just on the verge of this profession, if I could combine my work as a teacher of foreign languages ​​and a tattoo. He smiled and replied, “A tattoo will make you choose.” 

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