Beau Han Xu – Glassware artist

Beau Han Xu’s jewellery is magical and futuristic. This rising star is an extraordinary artist, gemmologist and jewellery designer, fusing all these disciplines in his first collection, “Splash”, with fantastical organic glass cuffs, chokers and rings where diamonds shimmer and swim within.

About Beau Han Xu

Beau has always been drawn to the vitality of objects; as a child he was fascinated by an Amethyst Cave. The reawakening of Beau’s visual language into jewellery is epitomised in his collection Splash, diamonds in glass. Inspired by a droplet splash frozen in time. Intricately crafted, the diamonds swim beneath the glass, each movement enhancing their maximum reflection. To create this collection Beau developed new techniques which challenge the traditional jeweller’s art and, in doing so, the accepted understanding of jewellery – the combination of metal and gemstones. Each unique piece harnesses the reflective energy of the precious stones used, diamonds and gemstones, within fine glass, using an inimitable metal-less technique to transcend the constraints of traditional stone setting. Beau explores new material and technologies to marry the craft “pate de verre” and traditional stones into a sophisticated jewellery collection.

Prior to studying at the Royal College of Art, Beau received a bachelor degree in Jewellery at the acclaimed Central Academy of Arts in Beijing, China. In 2013 he gained a graduate diploma from the GIA as well as a certificate for Graduate Diamonds (GD) and Graduate Pearls (GP). He also attained an Accredited Jewellery Professional (AJP) Diploma from GIA, London.

His experience of growing up in an oriental culture means he has an expanded knowledge in the Oriental luxury jewellery market as well as the Western luxury markets. His understanding of the international fashion industry was broadened by completing a make-up artist qualification in 2010 in Los Angeles, United States.

Beau Han Xu’s art @

Beau Han Xu, London, Luxury Art Sculptures are totally unique, hand crafted art works
Swarovski Beau Cut™ zirconia free fall and sparkle, suspended inside each fine glass stem.
Beau Han Xu – Glassware artist
Beai Han Xu glassware & artware looks like it was made by a CGI studio. The video captures the magic of the design pieces.

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