Joël Schopfer – Guéguèl – Illustrator

Hello, I’m Joël Schopfer ! In the region, I am known under the pseudonym Guéguèl . Yes I know, it’s peculiar … My younger brother, unable to pronounce my name, stammered ”  Gue-gueeel” . Since then, it has remained 🙂 

A graduate of the Professional School of Contemporary Arts, I am a freelance illustrator and drawing teacher since 2010 based in Valais, Switzerland. I am also the creator of comic book character Sharly, the first comic book character sent to space. 

I make all types of tailor-made illustrations, offer drawing lessons of all kinds and animate your events with illustration stands that your guests will remember. 

Next up in my cartoon portraits of clowns are @jamesandjamesy I’ve known these fellas from their very first tea party and long before. Their characters and physicality are so distinctive they were a joy to draw. Aaron is like a big stable mountain and alistair is like a bouncy loose spring and this pose seemed to encapsulate that duality nicely.

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Darius caricature
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